Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable


The Navy SEALs have a saying: “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” If you can handle being comfortable being uncomfortable, you’ll be prepared to handle whatever situation that comes along in your life. The training they do is extreme and it involves a process that they call surf torture. This is a process that involves everyone linking…

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Make Your Bed


I feel obligated to help the parents of my clients develop their kids into great people that coaches all over the country would love to have on their team. It is a role that I openly accept, and take great pride in being another figure in their life that believes in them as much as…

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Game Hitting Journal

Hitting Log Snip

As a baseball player developer, my job and goal is to instill in each player habits that will allow them to develop into the hitter they have the potential of being. This involves improving the physical skills, the intangible skills, and intellectual skills. To me, intellectual skills are a player’s knowledge of the game, knowledge…

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