Online Video Analysis

online video analysis

$65/First Time Analysis

$45/Follow Up Analysis

Coach Geoff will do a comprehensive video analysis for you. Analysis will be done systematically and directly from his checklist. 

Every hitter will get a detail analysis about what they do right and what they do wrong. 

Every hitter will get a physical checklist outlining everything that is discussed. 

Every hitter will get action items on the top three items that is identified by Coach Geoff. 

Every hitter is allowed at least one follow up conversation after the video analysi and checklist has been send back to hitter.

Online Video Analysis:

  1. Comprehensive Video Analysis
  2. Physical Checklist detailing video analysis
  3. Top Three Action items to start correcting issues
  4. TAP Assessment
  5. One Follow up conversation following comprehensive video analysis.

Skype Instructions

Skype Instructions

$125/Month - Unlimited

$90/Month - Limited 

Skpye session are good for people who want to work with Coach Geoff on their understanding of mechanics. These sessions are effective for getting mechanics down, but not for timing drills or bp.

Hitter must have a tee station setup at their house. These session are half hour long and Coach Geoff will explain the swing and gives drills to help you develop the swing. 

Coach Geoff will provide video example of professional hitters performing such movement as well as drills.You will receive a checklist of assignments that must be completed before we connect on future calls. 

Skype Instructions:

  1. 30 Minutes of in-depth understanding of the swing
  2. Video example of professional hitters
  3. Drills to help you perfrom movements
  4. Homework tracking assignment
  5. Access to send video to ensure drills are done correctly.
  6. 2 Month to go over everything in depth.

Routine Development

Routine Development


Routine Development program is a 2 month program where Coach Geoff and you sit down and work on you as a persona and as a ball player.

In this process you will become more aware and in tuned with your physical, mental, and emotional makeup.

This understanding is a very important part of your development, especially, if you goal is to play baseball at a higher level.

You will be given assignments and be held accountable to developing new habits that will allow you to be successful.

Routine Develop:

  1. 2 Month Program
  2. 1 Call Per Week
  3.  Accountability
  4. Process & Routine Development
  5. Become in tuned physically, mentally, and emotionally .